What to expect:

For Learners - Experimentation and play! Tons of devices and tools, for hands-on tinkering in the youth sessions and conference workshops


For Educators - Practical resources and hands-on understanding

Practice session where you can roll up your sleeves and try devices, and teaching tools while learning pedagogical theory, accessing tested teaching resources, and get to know other educators


For Technology Enthusiasts - Smart people doing novel things

Bring your expertise and participate in the process of making novel projects


For Policymakers - Understand for yourself why creative coding is sweeping the world

A great opportunity to get join in the hands-on workshops and understand certain aspects of theory in workshops, and network with learners, educators both locally and internationally.




Scratch is so many things. It’s software used by millions across the globe to create animations, games and interactive projects while learning the fundamentals of coding.  It’s a platform for expression, it’s a gateway to knowing that you can create, it’s a way to share your ideas with the world at large and the millions that form the community of Scratchers - a community of learners, educators learners, tinkerers, educators, enthusiasts, researchers, and parents.


Scratch is the beginning, for many, of a lifelong passion for thinking hard about problems and creating fun and creative solutions to try to solve them.

Join us in building this community on the continent and show the world what the future has in store.

Scratch is used by people across Africa. We are using to tell our stories, build tech skills that will lead to the next generation of software developers, animators, entrepreneurs and more!






Welcome information coming soon for international guests



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